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Oatmeal Good-Morning Shake

I am definitely a morning person. I get my workout and all my errands done before 1pm. At least I try. Around 3pm, after grumbling to myself why I am always so busy , I take my 2nd shower, get my energy back, get hubby’s and puppy’s dinner ready and head to my dance practice. Whewwww……definitely no room for a kid for now. I have been doing lots of swimming and The Dailey Method. Especially, swimming keeps me in shape for my hula dancing. And I always need my oatmeal shake before I head out to the pool because after […]

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Power grain scramble

Back in my home country, we eat rice, soup and fish for breakfast. But my husband who is from Kansas doesn’t quite understand that….so I have to come up with breakfast ideas all the time – not that I can heat up leftover fish from last night… I usually get up 30 mins earlier than my husband, pack what we call, a ‘snack pack’-various veggies with hummus dip, fruits and nuts, and make him breakfast. Yes, I am a good wife.  thank god for his day-offs. His day off =  my morning off. Yippee. I can’t imagine how moms do […]

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Skillet Egg with Spinach

Something about a hot skillet makes everything yummy and comforting. Today, I’m giving my body a break from a morning workout, going to just take a deep breath and slow it down for a change.  I’m not going to grab spirulina water for breakfast and run out to get workout done, run around like a mad woman wearing myself down. I’m going to make myself a ‘proper’ breakfast (of course after I make one for my hubby and pack snacks for his work day ) and take in this beautiful morning with my lovely puppies….only if we had a few chickens roaming […]

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Homemade Yogurt

When I was home in Korea, I ate Kimchee in almost every meal so I never had to worry about getting enough probiotics. But now I’m here in the ‘western’ world….where probiotics come in pills and supplements, I have to make sure I get enough of them.  Oh I do take supplements – coffee berry, schzandra berry, fish oil, brewer’s yeast for vitamin D, spirulina, cinnamon and a shot of aloe vera everyday, (My husband started deleting ‘Dr. Oz shows’ from our DVR….) But for probiotics intake, you can’t deny creamy & delicious yogurt. (Aside from probiotics, yogurt is loaded […]

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Avocado & Sea Salt Toast

I am definitely a morning person. The dogs wake us up at 6:15 am (Yup, even on weekends…..aghh…. ) I make my husband a breakfast, work out, and do all my to-do lists in the morning. Of course, around 4 pm I need a cup of coffee for ‘Round 2′ of the day….This toast is my all time favorite breakfast! Avocado has tons of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, iron, copper and has perfect beauty fat. (I put avocado in my green smoothie everyday! )  This breakfast is so simple yet so delicious. Here is ‘no-recipe’ instruction : 1. Toast a slice of […]

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Power of your Om

Gosh I am so happy that a new yoga studio opened up in Santa Barbara. It desperately needed a good yoga class. I have been looking for a good one since I moved here. (My ‘good’ means you barely crawl out of the class…)  Power of your Om – it’s heated power yoga, but not Bikram hot (and stinky).  My body is still shaking from the morning class- exactly what I was looking for. (no meditating/chanting yoga for me please ^*^ ) And having a zero body fat pretty instructor doesn’t hurt either. It does motivates you, you know. I eat healthy 70~80% […]

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A bowlful of health & my cold remedy

I make breakfast for my husband every morning. So I have to come up with a lot of breakfast ideas and this is one of them. Steel cut oats with tons of other ‘stuff ‘ in it.  I didn’t specify exact amount below….just add everything….till it makes sense….   Ingredients Steel cut oats (I use trader’s joe’s quick steel cut oats because I’m not that patient to cook regular steel cut oats) Teaspoonful of Wheat germ (tons of minerals, fiber, zinc, iron, anti-oxidant) Teaspoonful of Chia seeds (yeah chi chi chi chia-controls blood sugar, omega 3, it hydrates your body) […]

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