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Only if I didn’t have that last bite….

My babies – buggie and coconut


Dancing at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration. (Our version of ‘Carnival’-this is as wild as it gets here)

Dancing at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration

Dancing at Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration -West african with a little bit of bollywood

My passion other than food…Ori Tahiti.

My dance group in Tahiti, 'Manahau'

My dance group in Tahiti, ‘Manahau’

Dancing in Tahiti

Dancing in Tahiti (Heiva I Tahiti)-if you are heading that way, msg me. I will give you all the info you want. It’s worth go seeing it.


beach shot_4

Can’t take beach out of this girl

Food, wine and Friends! I will worry about other things later.

My happiest moment is when my dogs are happy.


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  1. avatar Duard Enoch papanim says:

    Great site! Congratulations, Christina. See you soon :-)

  2. Nicely put together blog Christina. Just stumbled across it on ‘freshly pressed’. Will be back again soon. Torie

  3. Hey, I am a friend of your Father-in-Law…Du was our dentist for a few years when we lived in Overland Park…We email almost every day…I am a foodie and will send your site out to all my friends…

  4. avatar tom cappiello says:

    I was wondering if you don’t mind saying what culinary school you went to and what you thought about it- the school and the experience. (ps. Santa Barbara is my hometown)

  5. avatar joann says:

    Love you blog. Heard about it though Sage. I really like the homemade dog treats. My dog has the start of kidney disease, so I should really do something like that to keep her healthy.

  6. avatar Marcio says:

    Rebekah05 Posted on I am opneing up a dog training business this summer. The name will be Happy Tails. I think catchy names are always best. They are much easier to remember than human names.

  7. avatar Janie says:

    Hi Christina-
    Did you ever post the Nutella biscotti? I got on a nutella kick and have 6 jars waiting to turn into something wonderful. I have a nutella cookie that is crazee delishivous if you’d like to try :)

    • Yes, I would love to try!!! Pls send me your recipe~~ My kitchen is all torn apart(doing custom cabinet…) so I was not able to cook for the last few weeks but it should be done hopefully by next week. So I should be up and running soon. Can’t wait to have my kitchen back….I can have Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ^^ xoxo christina

  8. avatar Monica says:

    I love your site! Great recipes, beautiful photographs. Glad I found it!