I will be eating at one restaurant after another and share my experiences with you. (I decided to only share my favorite places, only good experiences….) I don’t feel good saying bad things about places for three reasons :

1. Some people may have different taste buds than me. So places I don’t like, might be their favorites.
2. A lot of my friends are working in the industry : don’t want them to un-friend me in facebook.
3. Hot chefs working there.

I also write a food column called ‘Food File by Christina Enoch’ for bi-weekly newspaper, Santa Barbara Sentinel. You can read my article online. Also I will be posting my  back issue article here below, so you can read my ramblings. :)

Click on each restaurant below.

Arlington Tavern (Santa Barbara, CA) -SB Sentinel

Piano Riviera Lounge (Santa Barbara, CA)-SB Sentinel

Kchen Project – Speakeasy Supper Club (Santa Barbara, CA) – SB Sentinel

Empty Bowl-Gourmet Noodle Bar (Santa Barbara, CA) – SB Sentinel

Bacon and Brine (Solvang, CA)-SB Sentinel

Alchemy Arts Center (Santa Barbara, CA) – SB Sentinel

Blue Tavern (Santa Barbara, CA)- SB Sentinel

MESAVERDE (Santa Barbar, CA) – SB Sentinel

WineCask (Santa Barbara, CA) – SB Sentinel

Bookends Cafe (Santa Barbara, CA)- SB Sentinel

Downey’s (Santa Barbara, CA) -SB Sentinel

Ayurvedic Cooking Class (Santa Barbara, CA)- SB Sentinel

iGrill Korean BBQ (Santa Barbara, CA) -SB Sentinel

Trattoria Vittoria (Santa Barbara, CA)-SB Sentinel

Nikka’s fish market and grill (Santa Barbara, CA)- SB Sentinel


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  1. I love the font on this blog, along with the great content about food and restaurants. Much success to you.